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Where does the audition take place and how to give

Just as one has to go through a “job interview” to get a job, similarly one has to pass an audition before stepping into the acting field. Here your acting ability is tested and it is tested whether  you are fit for that role or not.

  It is seen in the audition that how much talent is there in you. Here you are given a script before the audition and the dialogues written in it have to be shown spoken along with acting.    With this, your ability to remember dialogues is also tested along with the delivery of dialogues. If you have acted on stage etc. before then only you will be able to show by acting here with confidence.

If you don’t have much experience in acting, master it with practice. You will be selected only if   your performance in the audition is better than others.

What are the types of  auditions  ?

Apart from acting, one has to give auditions to make a career in other areas of art like singing, dancing and modeling. The winner of the upcoming singing and dancing reality show on TV can get a chance in Bollywood. Auditions for these TV shows are held from time to time in different cities.

1. Acting Audition –

If you want to act in regional films, then go to their centers like Kolkata, Chennai to find out the auditions. But if you want to make acting career in Hindi Bollywood films then you have to  give acting auditions  .

2. Singing Audition –

Those who have taken proper education in singing and who can sing well   , they  must try themselves  in  singing auditions . For them, many shows like Indian Idol, Rising Star come on TV.

  The teams of these programs go to different cities and  take singing auditions, information about it is found on TV or on their website.

3. Dancing Audition –

For people who are skilled in dance, TV shows like Dance India Dance are a great medium to showcase their art. These dancers can show their talent to the world through such TV shows.

4. Modeling Auditions –

Nowadays there are competitions at the city and state level to advance in the modeling field. A model gets an opportunity to learn and win prizes by participating in them. After this, you can find out the national level modeling competition and participate there.

How to find out the audition –

If you have taken the final decision to make an acting career in Bollywood films or TV, then reach Mumbai. A large number of auditions are held here every day. The first question is how to find the audition.   Many people do not even know where the auditions are taking place. For this, you can get information by visiting the website of the production house. Apart from this, you should join such Facebook groups where the information of daily auditions is updated.    Join such groups in Whatsapp in which the place and date of the audition are told. Once you reach the audition place, you will find many strugglers like you who are already associated with this type of WhatsApp group. By making friends with them, you will get to know about the upcoming auditions.

Also keep in mind here that all your time in the audition venue should not be spent on meeting people, as you will not be able to concentrate on your script and dialogues. Similarly, waste of your time on social networking sites will also be avoided.

Where to stay in Mumbai

If you have made up your mind to move to Mumbai to pursue an acting career, then where will you stay there?  For this, it would be right to choose Aram Nagar in Andheri  (W) area of ​​Mumbai. Most of the strugglers live in this area because there are many film and TV production houses around here in which auditions are held.   You can rent a 1BHK flat or single room as per your budget in Andheri  (W), Malad  or nearby areas which will get you 20-25 thousand monthly rental. If there is a low budget, then in PG, 2 people together in room sharing 10 thousand and if 3 people want to share the room together, then the cost of living will be 7-8 thousand rupees per person. This does not include the cost of food and cleaning etc.

By increasing the distance from Andheri to Virar,  you  can reduce the cost of living, but you will not get much benefit because your expenses in transport will increase as well as extra time will be taken separately.  Contact any property agent in Mumbai, through which you will get information about the houses available for rent.    So that you can choose any place according to your choice and budget. The property agent will charge you some fees for this work. Avoid living in very far outskirts as traveling more in local train or bus will not keep yourself fresh which will affect your audition.

Where does the audition take place?

Most of the  auditions  in Mumbai take place around Aram Nagar, Malad and Infinity Mall in Andheri (W)  . Where the audition will take place depends on the casting director. Sometimes the audition takes place in a studio and sometimes it can be in a hall.

Do not personally pay any money to audition. Most of the production houses do not charge anything for this.

One more thing to keep in mind that no education certificate is required for audition. Even if you have done any acting course from any institute, then you will get the job only after passing the audition.

The auditions go on from 10 am till night. In which first of all the people who fit the face-piece and stature according to the role are selected.   That’s why sometimes the assistants of the casting director throw out some of the strugglers in the audition line by calling them not fit. This saves both of them from wasting time. So don’t feel bad about being removed in this way.

If you want to know the address, phone number or email of film and TV production house, director, writer or anyone in the film world, then you can buy the book of “Film India” by visiting According to the edition, its price is 1000-1500 rupees.    For more information,   you can call on Film India’s phone number  022 26515194, 26516015. The addresses and numbers of some of the leading production houses are as follows –

  1. Balaji Telefilms Ltd

C 13, Balaji House, Dalia Industrial Estate, Opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053

Phone: (022) 40698000

  1. Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd (Corporate Office)

5, Shah Industrial Estate, Beside Fun Republic Cinema, Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053

Phone: (022) 30613500

  1. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Films Pvt Ltd

601/B, Swati Mitra Co Operative Housing Society, Jvpd Scheme, Gulmohar Cross Road No 7, Juhu, Mumbai – 400049

Phone: (022) 26235470

  1. Madhur Bhandarkar

410, Crystal Paradise The Mall, Jeevan Nagar, Opposite V D Road, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053

Phone: 9833113570

  1. Subhash Ghai

Mukta House, Film City Complex, Behind Whistling Woods International Institute, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400065

Phone: (022) 33649400

How to audition (Audition kaise den) 

  1. Arrive at the audition venue well in time so that it will be easier for you to understand the script and remember the dialogues.Otherwise, if you forget the dialogue in front of the casting director at the time of audition in a hurry,  then you will not be able to act properly and will get the result of failure.   2. Don’t show nervousness or nervousness when in front of the camera. I have to be successful here, maintain your confidence level with this feeling. At that point your mind should be focused on your character and dialogue according to the script  .  Your aim should be to bring your character to life by forgetting the  rest . 3.  Be the first to say your name when you get in front of the camera. Then you have to tell your age, height and mobile number in this sequence. If asked, share your previous work experience.

    After that show your profile. Here profile means the right and left side of your face, which should be shown in front of the camera while turning your body. 4. You are given a script, first read it thoroughly, then if you want to ask anything, you can ask the casting director. You  have to follow the instructions of the casting director,  if he asks you to speak slowly or gives any suggestion when you speak very fast dialogue, then follow it completely.    Some people  try to get the role by offering money to the casting director, but giving such an offer to the casting director can have the opposite effect.     Your offering will mean that you do not know how to act. Therefore, pay attention to your acting and avoid such things, because

    The casting director also has to answer further, that’s why he cannot choose any person without matching in character. If you have talent then the casting director will definitely give you a chance. Then the journey ahead will depend on your good nature and behavior with people. 5. Keep your facial expressions in line with the character for effective performance. Use your eyes and hands a lot. Speak your dialogue clearly, do not be hasty in speaking. Here it is necessary to fluctuate according to the need.    Auditions mostly involve performing according to the given script and dialogues, but sometimes the casting director may ask that you act in front of the camera on your own terms. For such condition you should keep your 2-3 items ready in advance and present your best item here.

    6. Do not try to copy any big actor here at all. Only your natural acting in front of the casting director can bring you success. Natural acting can be done only by immersing well in the character. 7. When you enter the hall for the audition there may be only one person or sometimes more than one person. Here the newcomers make a big mistake, instead of speaking their dialogues looking at the camera, they start speaking by looking at the person present there. Avoid this mistake and act with your full concentration focused solely on the camera. 8. Don’t be afraid of rejections – If you gave 5-10 auditions and didn’t get selected then there is no need to lose heart. Not only films, there are many TV actors who have been successful in any audition only after giving 300 to 350 auditions.

Therefore, after getting rejected, it would be right to start trying to improve your acting further. Maybe success awaits you after the next audition.   Hope you have got the complete information about the audition from this article ” Audition of acting. Where is the audition and how to give it”  , you can share it with your friends. Write your questions and suggestions in the comment section. Keep visiting this website for more such useful information.

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