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What is Animation? | How animation is used in film

What is Animation?

Presenting many images together in a sequence at a fixed time interval on the screen
is called Animation.

Animation is a way to create a movie or video by combining multiple images.
In animation, one image after the other is placed on the screen and
all those images are played at a fixed time interval of 24FPS.

24FPS means 24 images will play on the screen in a second.
1 Frame =1 Still image

How many types of animation are there. Types Of Animation

There are many types of animation

  • Traditional Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation (Vector-based)
  • Stop Motion

1. Traditional Animation

Traditional Animation is one of the oldest forms of animation in film. It
is also called cel animation. In traditional animation, an object is drawn on a celluloid transparent paper
and animated in a sequence.
In Traditional Animation the Animator draws each Frane.

In Traditional Animation, each frame is clicked with a picture from the camera and then it is prepared in
a sequence as a video with the help of video compositing software.

2. 2D-Animation

On the other hand, if we talk about 2D-animation, then animation is prepared in two-dimensional space.
Animated film is made in 2-dimension itself with the help of effects, background, and character
. 2D animation is mainly used in 2D games and films.

Types Of 2D Animation

If different drawings are played in a sequence with a certain time interval,
then that film or video falls under the category of 2D-animation. For example, if we want to make an animation according to (24 fps) 24 frames / second,
then we have to show 24 drawings in a sequence on the screen within 1 second.
In the same way, the number of images may be needed according to the amount of time to make videos.


Traditional Animation is usually 2D animation but in this the animator draws the movement of the character on each page and presents it
like a flipbook.


There is a lot of computer software available with the help of which character design and animation can be done in computer easily.
Making animation film with the help of computer software is easier than Traditional Animation
and compositing it, preparing background, color vocie over all
is done in computer software.

2D graphics are prepared inside 2D-software, in which the background , character ,
and effects are prepared and then animation is done with the help of 2D Animation Software.
Not only films, but there are many 2D-games that have used 2D-animation.
If we talk about the waf industry, then 2D-animation is used in motion graphics effects.

2D Animation Softwares

This is some 2D-animation software in which 2D-animation is created.
Whether it is a game or a cinema, nothing is possible without animation, even the
intro of cinema, in which the title is seen, is also prepared with the help of animation.

  1. Toon Boom Harmony
  2. CelAction2D
  3. Adobe Character Animator
  4. Adobe Flash

3. 3D-Animation

What is Animation?

3D-animation is created entirely with the help of computer generated imagery (CGI) .
Meaning that background, foreground, object, character, whatever things
are used for animation, are completely prepared in computer 3D software.

There are many mobile-games, computer-games that are 3D, the animation in them is 3D-animation
. Talking about the same VFX-film, characters and effects
are created in that too with the help of 3D-Animation. In today’s time no 3D game or movie is made without 3D-animation.

3D-Animation Softwares

These are all 3D-Software, with the help of which 3D-Animatoon is prepared. Before animation, with
the help of this software, background is prepared in 3D-space, then whatever object or character
animation is to be done, it is modeled. And then it is animate and
in the end a film or video clip is prepared by compositing everything. 3D-games are also
made in the same way.

What is the process of creating 3D animation

The 3D animation is created in the following steps:

3D Modeling

Modeling the background, character, and props with the help of 3D software is called modeling . Car, bus, road, town, city, whatever is needed in the scene
can be easily created with the help of 3D software.


Texturing involves texturing the 3D model. When 3D modeling artist models any
object or background, it is completely clay colored, it does not have
any color, it is completely without color and which material is not known.

Texturing Artist colors that model and
puts the material according to the material of which it is model. If there is a model of a car or a bus, then the part which will be of fiber in it, there is fiber
material and the part which will be of iron, iron material and color has to be given there and this process
is called Texturing.


Lighting has to be done inside the textured 3D model, then the
real feel of that scene comes. If there is a scene of daylight and there is a scene of night, then lighting has to be
done accordingly.

If there is MoonLight at night, then lighting is
done using that kind of Lighting Tools there. If the 3D model is fitted with a bulb or
tubelight, then Lighting Artist can realistically do it, all this process happens inside the 3D software.
And this process is called lighting.


Animator’s job is to do animation. Whatever is the 3D model like car or bus
, if animation is needed in it ie that 3D model is moving inside the car scene, the
animator only does animation in that object.

In 3D animated film, the character is also animated, whatever object
or character has to be animated in the whole scene is called animator.

FX Artist

If some effects are to be used in the scene of the film, then Fx Artist does it.
Fire, Smoke, Water, Water, Waterfall, River, Badal, Fog in Animate Film does all these effects with
the help of Effects Tool present inside 3D Software.


All the elements of a scene are prepared separately; Like the background of the scene, props, characters,
effects, all these are prepared separately. Then compositing them together and creating the scene
is the work of compositing.


The final image or video that will be published is available only after rendering.
Rendering whatever scene or footage is prepared in 3D or 2D software is
called rendering in video or image sequence.
Rendering is the last step in making an animated film.

4. Stop Motion

In stop-motion animation, a real set background is created and the character is also
created using different types of material, then
the image is shot by giving it little movement.

1 photograph is called 1 frame

And then all these photographs are shown on the screen in a sequence.

It takes 24 such frames to make a video of one second.
Stop motion film is shot in the same way as digital filmmaking .
In this too, the film set is made in the form of a miniature, small houses, buildings
are combined to make a city. And the character is also made of some material.

Stop Motion Animation Softwares

  1. Dragonframe
  2. IKITMovie
  3. Stop Motion Pro
  4. qStopMotion
  5. Stop Motion Studio
  6.  iStopMotion

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