Shark Tank India Sharks Per Episode Salary & Networth

Friends, Shark Tank India is a very popular TV show, which is most watched. And today we are going to tell you about the salary of all these Sharks and their net worth in every episode.

Shark Tank India Sharks Per Episode Salary & Networth: So friends, in today’s post we will talk about India’s Most Viewing Show, Shark Tank India . We will tell you today that the sharks who are in this Shark Tank India are giving their precious time to this show, so how much do they get their salary (Shark Tank India’s Sharks Salary).

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That is, today we will talk to you about the salary of one episode of sharks of Shark Tank India Show . (Shark Tank India’s Sharks Per Episode Salary)

1. Shark Tank India Shark Ashneer Grover per Episode Salary

Friends Ashneer Grover is the founder and managing director of ” BharatPe ” . You must have heard about “BharatPe”. Friends Ashneer Grover started “Bharat Pe” in 2018 and its headquarter is in Delhi.

Friends, let us tell you that behind many companies in India, Ashneer Grover has a big hand in moving those companies forward. And Ashneer Grover is also an investor in more than 30 startups. If we talk about “Bharat Pe”, then their income was more than 700 crores within 2021.

Ashneer Grover Shark Tank India Networth

And if we talk about Ashneer Grover’s net worth, then at this time his net worth is 520 crores. And if we talk about the salary of his Shark Tank India show, then his salary is about 3 crores per episode. (Ashneer Grover Shark Tank India per Episode Salary)

2. Shark Tank India Shark Vineeta Singh Per Episdoe Salary

Friends, our second shark is Vinita Singh. Vinita Singh is the CEO and Founder of Sugar Cosmetics . In 2015, she co-founded Sugar Cosmetics with Kaushik Mukherji. And today the income of this company is more than 200 crores.

Vineeta Singh Shark Tank India Networth

If we talk about Vineeta Singh’s net worth, then her net worth is 130 crores. And if we talk about their salary, then they get about 40 lakh rupees from Shark Tank India for an episode. (Vineeta Singh Shark Tank India per Episode Salary)

3. Shark Tank India Shark Peyush Bansal Per Episode Salary

Now friends, let’s come on top of the seller of glasses, that is, on Piyush Bansal. Piyush Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Lenskart . All of you must have heard about Lenskart. Started in 2010, this company has grown tremendously.

Piyush Bansal has studied from IIT. The income of this company was more than 1000 crores in 2010. Piyush Bansal was working inside Microsoft . After that he started this company, which is today named Lenskart. He started this company with Amit Chaudhary in 2010.

Peyush Bansal Shark Tank India Networth

And Lenskart has now become a company earning more than one thousand crores. And if we talk about the net worth of Piyush Bansal, then at present his net worth is Rs 480 crores. If we talk about his salary, then he gets about 4.5 crores per episode from Shark Tank India. (Peyush Bansal Shark Tank India Per Episode Salary)

4. Shark Tank India Shark Namita Thapar per Episode Salary

Our new shark is Namita Thapar, Executive Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals . They have another very old company. This company was started from 1983 and also has its headquarter in Pune Maharashtra.

Namita Thapar Shark Tank India Networth

The income of Emcure Pharmaceuticals is more than 6 thousand crores every year. And if we talk about Namita Thapar’s net worth, then her net worth is currently 700 crores. And from Shark Tank India, they get 1 crore 30 lakh rupees per episode. (Namita Thapar Shark Tank India Per Episode Salary)

5. Shark Tank India Shark Anupam Mittal Per Episode Salary

Anupam Mittal is the Founder and Executive Officer of “” (Shaadi.Com). You must have heard about Shaadi.Com. You must have seen many advertisements and things about them.

In 1997, he started “” (Shaadi.Com) . Well it started with “” (Shagai.Com). After that Anupam Mittal changed its name to “Shaadi.Com” (Shaadi.Com).

Anupam Mittal Shark Tank India Networth

Today has over 1 million paid users. And Anupam Mittal’s net worth is more than 250 crores.

6. Shark Tank India Shark Ghazal Alagh Per Episode Salary 

Friends, come on top of Ghazal Alagh of “Mama Earth” ( MamaEarth) . In 2016, she started this company with her husband Varun Alagh. Started in Gurugram, this company has earned more than 150 crores in 2020.

Ghazal Alagh Shark Tank India Networth

And also achieved a very good growth. The net worth of Ghazal Alagh is Rs 270 crores. And Ghazal Alag gets 70 lakhs per episode from Shark Tank. (Ghazal Alagh Shark Tank India Per Episode Salary)

7. Shark Tank India Shark Aman Gupta Per Episode Salary 

And now we come to the most funny shark tank, whose name is Aman Gupta. That is, the Chief Marketing Officer and Founder of Bot . Boat India, you must have heard the name. This company started in 2016 has generated income of more than 500 crores in the last year i.e. 2020.

Aman Gupta Shark Tank India Networth

And now they want to sell their products all over the world. The net worth of Aman Gupta is more than 350 crores. And from Shark Tank India, they get Rs 2 crore for an episode. (Aman Gupta Shark Tank India Per Episode Salary)

Shark Tank India Sharks Salary and Networth

Shark Tank India All Shark’s Story is very inspiring. Are you a fan of Shark Tank India? If yes, which one is your favorite among all these sharks? Do let us know by commenting below.

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