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How to Make a Short Film Complete details

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a film whose duration
is less than 40 minutes comes in the category of short film .

Many new filmmakers who want to learn filmmaking
start their career with short films. Whether they are new directors, actors, film editors, they
all initially get experience by working in short films.

New filmmakers and artists do not have much practical knowledge about the film, so
they show their ability by working in short films and the same short film helps in getting work in big films later.

Not only new filmmakers, now old and experienced filmmakers are also
making their career in short films to increase the business. Every year
, many times more short films are produced than the big films that are not made.

Why short filmmaking Most Popular


The main reason why short filmmaking is becoming more popular is as follows –

The reason why short filmmaking has become more popular is the audience. Short
films are easily available to the audience through online medium, so that the audience can sit at home
and watch from the middle of their mobile or computer.

The audience has to go to theaters and cinema halls to see the same big films.

Free Aailable for Audience

Audiences have to spend money to watch big films, and
on whichever platform the short film is released, it is often free, the audience does
not have to pay any money to watch the film.


Movies people watch only and only for entertainment. Now the life of the people has
become so part-time, where there is a lack of time for the most part. But entertainment is also
very important in life. When people watch a film for entertainment, tired from office or home work
, they do not have that much time to watch that big film which
is 1-2 hours long.

On the other hand, talking about short films, a 5 -minute short film is also accompanied by a complete story, which entertains people through a story in a short time. The same if people watch a big film, then they can not complete it in one day or they are able to see the whole story in three days. If you don’t get that much time, then half of the incomplete film remains to be seen.

The origin of the idea of ​​short filmmaking
also started after looking at the busy life and times of the people. The purpose of making a short film was to reach people through a complete story
film in a short time.

Why New Filmmaker Make a Short Film


New filmmakers often start their career with short films. All the actors in the short film
and from the director to the producer, everyone
gets a chance to openly show their talent.

Those new actors , directors, producers who go in search of work in the film industry, first of all
their past experience is asked whether you have done any film or not.
Now the people who will look for work in the film for the first time will show the record of the previous work.
And people get stuck on that. Now those who are full of talent are also
unable to make a place in a big film due to lack of experience.

In such a situation, short films are the only way, with the help of which new artists prepare their demoral
and use it as a portfolio. In the beginning, whether he is a film writer or
a director, not all actors get direct work in big films.

With the help of short films, they get to know all the process of filmmaking and get a basic
experience on how to work within the film industry, then it is easy
to find work and get work.


Budget is the most important part of filmmaking. Film budget means that the film that the
filmmaker is making will be ready within Rs.
If we talk about big budget films, then films are made in 100 crores, some films in
which VFX is used a lot, their budget goes up to 500 crores.

Now the new filmmakers do not have enough budget to make big films, in the same
way people enhance their creativity before short films, then when all the parts of the film are experienced
, then gradually in commercial films.
Take your step

If we talk about short films, then most of the short films are made without budget i.e. in zero budget .
In such films, the actors director producers are all new and they
prepare short films with the help of each other to strengthen their portfolio.

how to make short film

How to Make a Short Film Complete details

The process of making short filmmaking is similar to the process of making a big budget film.
The process of pre-production, production and post-production are the same.

Select A Short Script

To make a short film, a lot of attention should be paid to the choice of script.

  • Always choose a short story script.
  • It is very important to have less characters in the script.
  • It is very important to keep in mind the budget while writing the short film script.
  • The script should be well written.
  • If you are making a short film for the first time, do not choose a more serious story.

Find Dedicated Cast & Crew

While making a short film , it must be kept in mind that the casting is good. It is not a bad thing to work with new people in the
film, but the people who work
should be completely dedicated to the film and that project.

Forcibly keeping someone in filmmaking who has absolutely no idea about filmmaking
can harm that project.
You can take help from the nearest theater group in casting. Those who do theater understand acting
very well .

If we talk about the film crew, then by adding a friend or family member to it,
you can reduce the budget of the film.
The film crew is also called spot boys, these are the people who
make their work easy on the film set along with the artist and director.
If something is needed somewhere on the set, then only the members of the film crew provide that thing.

Scout for Filming Locations

Location is taken care of in Short Filmmaking . If the budget is less, then you can
use your personal resources in the location.

If there is an outdoor location, then you can choose a place where there is not
much crowd and shooting can be done without permission.

Select A Camera

At the time of short filmmaking
, it will be better if you choose the camera keeping the budget in mind.
If someone among friends has a good camera and is a good cinematographer, then
such people can be included in the project.

If the camera is not available, then nowadays mobile phones also have such a good camera
quality, with the help of which short films can be made easily.
Can use mobile phone when camera is not available .

Edit Your Film

If a free computer or laptop is available in film editing, then you can easily edit your short film
with the help of free video editing software.

Many new video editors or film students who are
learning filmmaking keep looking for projects like this to sharpen their skills further. So by looking for such people,
you can include them in your project and edit the short film .

If you have a laptop or computer, then there are many free video editing software available,
with the help of which you can easily do film editing.

Release Your Short Film

One of the biggest reasons for short filmmaking is film festivals.
Many big filmmakers also make short films for film festivals.

Short films can either be released in film festivals or can be
released on online platforms. YouTube and Facebook are two such platforms
in the online platform from where money is earned by releasing short films.

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