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The desire to become a singer in Bollywood can be fulfilled if the steps are taken with patience and continuous practice with the right training. Having a melodious voice can be a plus point for him, but to become a singer, one  needs to hone that voice by training, in this work a good music  training institute can play a role, where by learning the nuances of music, one can learn the basics of music. Art can be refined.    After learning the art, it is time to perform. Becoming a good performer by eradicating stage fear  depends on practice and experience, which only happens slowly over time. Let us know what are the things that are necessary to keep in mind to become a good singer. 

 1. Receive proper  training –

To become a good singer  it is very important to learn classical music. Learning music properly and continuous practice can only take a singer to the heights of success. You can join any good institute in your area for music  training. The names of some well-known  Music  Training Institutes are as follows –

1. Calcutta school of music – kolkata
2. True school of music – Mumbai
3 Shankar Mahadevan Academy – Bangalore
4. Asian academy of film and television (AAFT) – Noida
5. Bachelor of performing arts, Amity University – Noida
6. Indian Idol Academy – Kolkata

2. Eliminate Stage Fear –

To get comfortable performing in front of people,  try singing in front of your friends and family first  . Without stepping out of your  comfort zone,  your confidence will not grow. Then  when you have confidence in your voice, take the next step by presenting your art on stage.   It is usually very easy to sing in front of your friends and family. It takes a lot of courage to sing in front of strangers. In this way, by performing successfully in a small stage, the fear will go away. 

Join 3 Teams –

When you can program songs on stage successfully and without any hesitation, then go out and try something new. Sing as a guest singer in a local band near you. Performing with any such band will be a new experience. You may not get any money for this initially, but if the people of the group like your performance then you can become their permanent member. Then it can become a means of income from here also. 

 Earnings can  include a permanent job singing in a restaurant or on a cruise ship. You can earn money by creating your own small group and performing for any wedding or party. Any art shines through experience. Maybe by joining the group, you can be successful in building your image faster.   The biggest advantage of joining a group is that it removes the hesitation quickly because the members of the group get acquainted with each other and perform by encouraging each other. 

 4. Practice Regularly

No matter how big and famous a singer becomes, he cannot stop practicing. If the practice stops, then its singing has come to an end. It is very important for a new singer to practice singing regularly.     Keeping this in mind,  if you practice singing different raga raganis every morning in the morning, then your bass will become very good.  

5. passion for learning

To become a singer, it is necessary to have a sense of knowing and understanding something new. This desire to learn will introduce you to new people. Through them your knowledge will not only increase but your art will also improve and you will be able to achieve success. To improve your singing skills, take the help of a teacher. Through which you can take private singing lessons.  Being successful in finding a good vocal coach is essential to advance   your  music career. Having such a  professional guru helps a lot in carving the voice. Apart from learning to sing,   you will also be able to take other practical knowledge of the music field from them. 

6. Listen carefully to the singing of others –

Consider how another singer has played a song. Then try to repeat it, it will increase the practice. Along with this, you will also be able to know the strong and weak points of other singers. So take the time to listen to as many different genres of singers as possible. 

 7. Take care of the throat –

For a singer, his voice is his asset. To keep the voice sweet, it is necessary to take care of the throat. Such things should be avoided in the food which makes the voice worse. 

    Slowly with experience, you will know that the consumption of which substances hurts your throat and has an adverse effect on your performance, such things should always be avoided. 

8. Create Your Own Style –

Instead of copying someone’s singing, create your own style. Its purpose is to find something in yourself that makes you stand out from the rest. You have to carve that  quality  which can make you stand apart from other people, then only you will be able to make your own identity.   Use your talents to show how you can sing by changing your vocals. Maybe you have a captivating voice and a vocal style that fits perfectly for romantic songs.

9. Learn to play a musical instrument –

The singer will get a different identity if he has the ability to play an instrument like guitar, harmonium or keyboard with good vocals. Singer must acquire complete knowledge of these instruments to become proficient in the field of music.

   Along with this, it is very important to learn any musical instrument according to your choice and learn it well. Because singing and playing go hand in hand. It is very important for a singer to know  the pitch, scale, bits  etc. of  music  well.

10. Participate in Singing Competition –

The role of singing competition is very important in making a singer his identity. Use the school or college platform in the early days. Now there are many singing reality shows on TV in which qualifying provides a great opportunity for any singer.   Try to be a part of singing competition on any national or regional channel. If you have the right preparation and dedication, you can get success in this.   The judges in these competitions are often the music directors who, if impressed by your singing, may offer you the opportunity to sing in one of their films. Many singers like Sunidhi Chauhan are the product of these platforms.  So keep looking for an opportunity to participate in any singing competition and try to give your best performance when you get a chance. From this 

Soon success will come and the dream of becoming a famous singer will be fulfilled. 

11. Created Albums for YouTube –

At present  , it gives a great opportunity for any singer to make his VDO album and put it on YouTube. Through this many singers have made their mark and they became famous singer in Bollywood too. Adnan Sami, Baba Sehgal, Mika all of them first made their VDO album, got recognized in YouTube and then they got a chance to sing in Bollywood.    Even today there are many names like Sandeep Thakur, Shraddha Sharma, Armaan Malik, Siddharth, Vidya, whose album got popularity in YouTube. Due to this he started getting offers for live shows, which is the main source of earning of a singer. Then the music directors of Bollywood have also started calling him. 

      To make an album you need to have a song of your own and a good concept for vdo. First of all, you will need a recording studio to record your song, which will give excellent sound quality. Keep in mind that youtube is full of vdo singers today. If something is presented there in an ordinary way, it is difficult to move it.   After this it is the turn to make vdo on that song. In this, if you want, keep yourself only as a singer and can show a model in VDO or can also be seen acting with singing according to the concept.    Here success will come only when your vdo quality will be very good and the concept will be interesting and filmed well. In this it would be better to take the help of a professional camera man who will shoot properly keeping in mind the lights and camera angle etc.

  You can choose the model according to your budget. The most important thing is that there should be some innovation in your singing style, only then it will be able to attract people.   If the viewers are in good numbers then the dream of becoming a Bollywood singer can be fulfilled. You can also get a chance to sing for yourself in movies by showing this vdo album to music directors and film production people.

conclusion –

Today Bollywood is full of singers. In earlier times there were only a few singers like Mo. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Asha Bhosle or Kishore Kumar and they sang the songs of more or less all the films. But today the situation is not like that.   Every other film has the voice of a new singer, so the chances for singers in Bollywood have increased, but it is not easy to survive here. If you want to last for a long time, then it is necessary to pay attention to your behavior and communication skills along with excellence in your singing skills.  Hope you found this article  “ Bollywood singer kaise bane. How to become a singer”  useful, you can share it with your friends. Comment your questions and suggestions. Keep visiting this website for more such useful information.

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