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How to become a junior artist in Film Industery

Junior artist in Bollywood – How to become a junior artist

 In films and TV serials, we all see such scenes in which  many people present in a party, people sitting in the court room, crowd of people buying goods in the market, a  decorated wedding procession seen in a wedding scene and a hero in a song scene. Boys and girls dancing behind heroin.
   All these people are called Junior Artists. They are also known as extras, background performers or background artists. 
    In almost every film or  TV serial, there are scenes where  there is a need to show the crowd, for this  junior artists are called. Even in TV  shows, there  is a need for junior artist in large numbers.
   Here these people are seen clapping and making noise from time to time. In outdoor shooting, they are a special part of the film in an action or song  scene  . The crowd shown in the scene of riots or arson in the film belongs to these junior artists. 


1. How do I get a Junior Artist job?

According to the need of the scene,  how many and what kind of junior artist is needed, all this is decided by the director. Then for this the  junior artist supplier or their association is contacted. 
  Junior artists are divided into different categories according to their physical build or complexion, age, height, weight. This makes it easy to supply them according to the scene. 
  To get the job of Junior Artist, he has to   take membership of a Junior Artist  Association . For this, fee has to be paid by filling a prescribed form, which is different for every association. 

2. Work is available on demand –

After taking membership of the association , work is available only when there is demand, here there is no guarantee of  getting regular work  .   Work is available for 15-20 days in a month, sometimes only 4-5 days. Junior artist supplier  has to supply according to the category and number of junior artist   demanded according to the requirement of the scene  , so not everyone  gets the job. 
   One of the reasons for not getting work  is also the huge increase in the number of junior artists, due to which they have started finding it difficult to get work. For this reason  , an association of junior artists  has banned the making of new members. 

3.  Preparation of Junior Artist –

Junior artist does  not have to do special preparation for an advertisement film, TV serial, or film like the main cast. They have to work in shifts of 8 or 12 hours and have to get ready and reach the set shortly before the scene.
   Mostly they have to be seen in the background and they have nothing special to do in a scene, but it is necessary to take care of facial expressions and movement as per the instructions of the director. 
    Junior artists have to dress according to the scene and reach the set, which  information is given to them in advance. Like wearing kurta pajama, salwar kameez or pant coat, it is told in advance. 
    Junior artists reach the set with these clothes with them. Many times, if the press etc. is not properly in these clothes, they also get to hear the scolding or they are removed from the work. 
   But in films made on historical subjects, clothes are provided to them by the production for shooting a particular scene like Raja Ka Darbar or Sepoy Ki Toli. 

4. What is the salary of Junior Artist?

For junior artists, this work is their  means of livelihood. That’s why  these artists gather at one place and wait to get the work. It becomes a part of their daily routine. Only some of these people get work and the rest return home in despair. 
  These  junior artists have to work  in shifts, on a daily basis  . All junior artists get salary according to the 8-hour shift, but in TV serials this shift is of 12 hours. That is why the pay is also fixed according to the length of the shift.  
  They get their daily salary according to the standards set by the Junior Artists Association. If a junior artist goes outdoor in connection with the shooting of a film, then he is paid extra. If they are given a dialogue to speak, then they get extra money for it. 
   The special thing is that the junior artist is paid daily, that is, they get their salary for that day’s work on the same day. Whereas the rest of the actors associated with TV serials have to  wait for weeks (90 days) for payment. 

5. How to become a background dancer –

For this, you can contact the Cine Dancers Association located in Andheri (W) to get the card made. Its address is – 
Shop No 44, Kuber Complex, 
New Link Road, Andheri West, 
Mumbai – 400053, Opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate
phone – 022 42959868 
 The background dancers are selected as per the choice of the dance choreographer of the film. Sometimes good looking people are taken at the behest of the director, even though these people are not that adept at dancing. They are called models, they do not have a dancer card. 
  According to choreographer Ganesh Acharya, the thinking of such directors is that  even if there is no good dance, but  there is glamor in the film. Ganesh  Acharya  says that he  prefers to take  good dancers as background dancers  in his film songs instead of models.

6. Success of Junior Artist –

Often young girls from outside Mumbai come here to become hero heroines, but due to lack of success here, they face the problem of living. Then they also have to work like extra dancer and junior artist to meet their expenses.
   Even though they have to face  many kinds of troubles here, but the magnetic attraction of Bollywood does not allow them to go back to their city or village. Many junior artists or  back dancers have also  become stars in Bollywood  on the strength of their talent. Let us know about some such successful stars –
A. Nawazuddin Siddiqui –

The success story of today’s successful artist  Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been full of struggle. Nawaz was seen on screen for a few minutes in the role of a criminal in Aamir Khan starrer Sarfarosh. Before getting success, he did small roles in many films. 

B. Mithun Chakraborty –

Mithun Chakraborty played  a few minutes  in Amitabh Bachchan’s film  Do Anjaane  . Mithun Chakraborty was struggling for films in those days. Later he became known as the  Amitabh of the poor and  the disco dancer of Bollywood and became a successful star.
C. Irrfan Khan –

Irrfan Khan had to struggle a  lot to prove himself  . Irrfan Khan  was seen for a few minutes in famous director Mira Nair’s film Salaam Bombay  . After starting with small roles, Irfan came in front of people as a skilled actor. 
D. Rajpal Yadav –

The film career of short stature Rajpal Yadav has also been quite a struggle. He appeared on the film screen for the first time in Ram Gopal Varma’s film Shool. In this film, he played a role of only ten seconds. Later he played important roles in many films. 
    This list is quite long. Talking about the old times, there have been many successful actors from famous actress Sadhna, Mumtaz to Aruna Irani and Asrani who started their film journey as extras and later achieved star status on the basis of their acting ability.

conclusion –

If you adopt junior artist work as a career, then it will be very difficult due to lack of regular income. But if someone wants to go into the world of acting and he is not able to get any role, then such a struggler can do this work for a short time to meet his expenses.

   The benefit of this will be that they will get complete information about shooting and work place, so that they will be able to understand this glamor world properly.      They will get a chance to get acquainted with the reality here and they will know how it takes hours of hard work of the actors and the effort of the entire team for a 2 – 3 minute scene to be seen in a film or TV. 

If there is talent in a junior artist, then he has full chances to move forward. Incidentally,  if the performance is effective when you get a chance to speak the dialogues, then you can get a chance to play a big role as an actor.  Hope you liked this post ” Junior artist in Bollywood – How to become a junior artist”  You can share it with your friends. Keep visiting this website for more such useful information of Bollywood

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