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How to become a film writer?

Most of the youth start thinking of becoming a hero heroine as soon as the thought of going to the movies comes. But there are only a few of them who fit the mold of Bollywood heroines and are capable of acting. But there’s no need to be disappointed.

Apart from acting in Bollywood, there are many other fields in which success can be found by working. You can showcase your art by becoming a sound recordist, makeup man, designer, choreographer according to your talent, experience and ability and interest. We will discuss “How to become a Film Writer ” here.

What to do to become a film writer

Take script writing course

If you have interest in writing, poetry, story, writing articles, some works have been published, some have been kept unpublished, are able to run the horse of imagination and put it in the form of a story, then you can become a story writer of films. Huh. To understand the genre of film script writing, take a script writing course from a good institute.

The names of some institutes for this are –

Film and TV Institute of India (Pune), Delhi School of Communication (Delhi), Institute of Mass Communication (Kolkata), Gulshan Kumar Film and TV Institute, Noida etc.

Fees vary from place to place. Minimum fee can be Rs 25000/- for 3 months course. School of Broadcasting and Communication – Andheri West (Mumbai) 3 months certificate in script writing course can be done for Rs 35000/-.

how to better yourself  

The job of a writer is not just to write, he must also be a good reader. Reading increases your knowledge and broadens your perspective. With this you can understand  how your writing can be improved further. A writer should avoid haste. If you are not completely satisfied with your creation, then only after necessary correction and review in it, hand over the creation to someone else.
    Make a habit of writing everyday, write little by little according to your time, if writing is your passion, then take out time for it.  It is not necessary that you will write the best in a single day,   gradually with increasing practice you will become proficient in the art of writing.

continue watching movies 

Watch Bollywood movies as well as movies from other languages ​​of the country and abroad for more training than entertainment. Keep a personal notebook, in which keep recording the details of the film, this will give you the story idea.  Which you can develop in a new way based on your imagination power.
  The story idea of ​​most Bollywood movies is inspired by a hit film of the past. The old story is adapted into a new environment and presented to the audience. If you look a little carefully,   the inspiration of “Ganga Jamna” in “Deewar” and “Mera Gaon Mera Desh” in “Sholay” is visible.

Be ready to fight

The story of every writer’s struggle is different. After going to Mumbai, it is important for you to interact with the people related to the film world, for this, apart from contact with the film production house, it is necessary to increase acquaintance with a writer.
Many writers keep their assistants. These assistants prepare the story, script as per the author’s description and give it to them, then the writer makes necessary changes in this story or script and gives it to the producer-director. One can get work with such a film or TV serial writer.
Some lyricists also have assistant composers. If you are interested in writing songs, then contact the lyricist, show them your creations. If they find it suitable, that composition can be used in a film. If you have written a script, then first get it registered, so that there will be no fear of it being stolen.

Increase contact

how to become a film director complete road map

The more you increase your contact with the people of the film world, your chances of getting work will increase. Meet people by visiting TV and film production houses. Tell them about your creations.

Be sure to know that in the initial days, you may be exploited either in the form of money or in the form of missing credit. But there is no need to despair.
If you remain active, then you will continue to meet people, the scope of your acquaintance in the film industry will increase and eventually your work will start being discussed. In this way, after going through the initial troubles, your confidence will also increase and you will start to understand the ways of Bollywood.

Find work in TV

Best Superhit Jodi of Bollywood Industery

The most important thing is that in the initial days you can survive in an expensive city like Mumbai. For this, a television serial or an advertising agency can also be approached. The writing of an ad film is different because it has to be told in 2 minutes.
The purpose of advertising is to be concise and effective. For this, keeping in mind the need of its creative director and advertiser, one has to write the ad film. Due to its theme and unique idea, some advertisements get on the tongue of the people and the people associated with the creation of that advertisement get stronger in the advertising field.

Work opportunities can be found even when you go to a film studio like in a film city where shooting of many serials is always going on. The story of the TV serial progresses slowly episode by episode.
The writing of the TV serial is based on the fabricated characters of the main characters and the story progresses on the basis of their characterization.
If after going to Mumbai, you have made up your mind to struggle by staying there, then first taking membership of the Film Writers’ Association would be fine. If you want to contact for membership of ” Screen Writers Association” (SWA) , their address and number are given below –
  • 201 – 204, Richa Building, Plot No. B – 29,
    Off New Link Road, Opposite Citi Mall,
    Andheri (West) Mumbai,
    Maharashtra – 400 053,
    India   +91 22 2673 3027 / +91 22 2673 3108 . [email protected]

    • Office Time*: Monday – Saturday | 11.00 am – 7.00 pm
    • Membership (New/Renewal): Monday – Saturday | 11.30 am – 6.00 pm
      Script Registration Day: Monday – Friday | 2.00 pm – 5.30 pm
    • *Closed on Sunday and Bank Holidays.
Entry to the studio will be easy on the basis of membership card. Don’t forget to give your visiting card or mobile number to the studio. There, you can get the work of improving any scene or dialogues immediately,
if you have good ability of translation from English to Hindi, then it will be beneficial in Bollywood. Many people associated with the Bollywood film industry do not have good Hindi, they always need people who know good Hindi.

Success comes

Bollywood values ​​talent, no one can say how long the struggle will last but eventually success will definitely come. Keep watching the movies and understand their nuances. It is important to understand the medium of film telling the story.
The writer transforms an idea or event into a script in such a way that it can make a film of 2 hours. Here the imagination of the author does its job.
The film writer has to create the characters of the main characters according to the story, then the supporting characters have to be formed. The style of storytelling should be interesting, it should be entertained, it is necessary to take care that the story does not become burdensome. If you keep all these things in mind, then you can become a film writer. I wish you all the best for your future as a writer. Hope this post is ” Film writer kaise bane
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