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how to become a film director complete road map

Both name and money can be earned by becoming a film director in Bollywood. The director of the film is like the captain of the ship and the entire film rests on his shoulders. The director has to get the best out of all the actors and technicians associated with the film production, which continues from pre production to  production  and then to post production.


He has to take care of the budget of the producer along with the likes and dislikes of the audience. If you are looking for a career in film production and television, here is  an introduction to the top four film training institutes in  India that offer the best courses in the country –

1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune  –

The most liked among the top four is Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. It is considered a center of excellence not only in India but also abroad.

Its alumni include stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Jaya Bhaduri, Subhash Ghai, Mani Kaul, Shatrughan Sinha, Mithun Chakraborty, Tom Alter, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

2. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai –

Comes second in the list of top five. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, which was established in the year 2006. It is founded by eminent film producer and director showman Subhash Ghai.     It enjoys the status of an excellent training institute for the film production industry by providing a balanced, modern and complete curriculum. The infrastructure here is very good and with the facility of all latest equipments. You can find every detail of this on their website.

3. Center of Art in Film and Television, Delhi  –

The third name in this list is Center for Research of Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), Delhi which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It is registered as a public charitable trust to provide quality education in the field of film  and  television. With 10 seats per course,  it facilitates all the courses that FTII is offering. It also includes news reading, creative writing and radio jockey courses. But it does not provide any accommodation facility for the students.

4. Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida   –

The fourth  college is the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Noida. It has been training students in the art and craft of filmmaking since 1993. The Academy was created as an alternative to formal film schools and has since established itself as one of the best film institutes in India.

   AAFT is offering four types of courses- 3 Months Course, One Year Diploma, Two Year Diploma and 3 Years Course. All the modern facilities required for the course are present at AAFT which includes 6 shooting floors, conference rooms, rehearsal halls, film club, library, private screening rooms and 16 air-conditioned class rooms.   Health-conscious students can make use of the gym. Along with this they can also play games like badminton or volleyball in the ground attached to the hostel. Students get access to Mukta Arts Ltd., Venus Ltd., Tips India and B.A.G. Opportunity to work under Films is also given. This additional benefit is available only to the students here.

What qualities should a film director have?

1. Imagination –

The director’s job is to make the story written on paper, the script to be realized on the screen, the words have to be thought of in the scene. This is possible only with a fertile imagination. If you can visualize an event or anecdote in visual form while reading a story book or listening to an incident  , then you can become a film director. While imagining, it is also to be kept in mind that the director is not making the film for himself but for the audience.

2. Understanding of  film making

A good director understands every aspect related to film production closely.  He should have an understanding of all kinds of nuances related to  filmmaking   so that he can get the cameraman, set designer, actor everyone to do the work of his choice according to his vision  .     This knowledge comes from experience, so all good directors first take experience by becoming an assistant director. Noted filmmaker Raj Kapoor started his career as Clap Boy with Kedar Sharma’s film. Yash Chopra, Rajkhosla, Mahesh Bhatt  were all assistant directors.

3. Good behavior — 

To become an assistant director, you must have a good relationship with the director and all the members of the unit. If there is any mistake from any unit member then he has to be explained well so that he can do his work with free mind set and   rectify his mistakes   .

4. Staying on set – –

If you are working as an assistant director, then whenever you are on the set, try to understand every department related to the film as much as possible. You can learn how film making happens only by staying on the set.      When the shooting is over , try to be present there while editing   the film  . Only then will you be able to understand  where  mistakes go while taking  shots  . The editor can also cut a scene that you have shot with great effort, but keeping it in the film hinders the pace of the film.

5. The ability to keep learning   –

In this way, if you stay active and learn work while protecting yourself from the feeling of small and big work, then surely one day a filmmaker can hand over the reins of his film to you and you will be able to see your name as a director in the title of the film.

 Promotion   chances

Assistant directors are kept in all the departments related to film making. There can be up to 5 assistant directors in TV serial shooting and 10 -15 assistant directors in films. They also have categories.    Initially start career as third assistant director. They have to do many types of work which are given to them on the basis of their department.


Salary ––

Depending on the production house, if you join TV serials, then starting from 15 -20 thousand, after learning a little work, it can be 40 -50 thousand. It all depends on how much you have satisfied your director and how well you have done the job told by him.      If he likes the work, he can promote you and give you a permanent place in his team. Main assistant director salary is in lakhs. After this you can earn crores by becoming a film director. Stent assistant directortouch lm duff lm ” How to become a film director  ”  How did you   like this post ? Tell us by comment. For information related to the film world, I will present the next post in front of you soon. For this keep visiting this website

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