Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment

Modern means of entertainment

In today’s time, every person is running, today’s heavy work and the competition to be the first in that work tire the person badly. The way the body needs rest and food after continuously working. Similarly, the mind and the mind also need rest, for that entertainment is needed. Entertainment is very important to keep working continuously. Today we are telling you about some such means of entertainment.

According to the time and civilization, there have been changes in the means of entertainment. In earlier times, things like television, mobile phones, internet, etc. were not available. There used to be many other means of entertainment, which people used in different ways. Earlier, people used to entertain themselves by using things according to their hobbies through horse riding, chess, chaupal, dholak, and many other regional music.

We tell you here how the means of entertainment were used –

1.radionews, regional music, storiese.t.c
2.televisionSeeing as well as hearing
3.Mobile phoneis smart nowadays
4.InternetThe biggest power of the present time, without which nothing is possible and the biggest means of entertainment TVwatch favorite programs
6.PlayMental pleasure as well as physical benefits
7.chapelGreatest entertainment of the old times. Many people of the village used to gather at one place to sing music etc.
8.regional musicIt is already important, every area district varies from state to state. theaterThe biggest development in the world of entertainment, joy in the big screen
10.Dramaa group of many people
11.CircusToday also,

Many people make the public laugh in different forms.

Ancient main means of entertainment (Manoranjan ke prachin sadhan)-

  • Chaupal
  • Play
  • radio

Entertainment in Chaupal

Many people in the village used to gather at one place in free time and used to entertain themselves and refresh themselves by using dholak, harmonium, and many other musical instruments. Whoever was an expert in a particular thing in the village, he used to perform that thing in the Chaupal in front of the whole village and the rest of the people were entertained.

Play –

Earlier people used to give great importance to sports, then there were chess, wrestling, kabaddi, dice, cricket and many more. In the evening, children used to play various games in the ground near the house. The elders also used to organize sports competitions by gathering on the day of the holiday. In earlier times sports used to be the main part of life.

Opening of cinemas

It started in 1913. A world came out of street play, chaupal, radio, rural music, which was named as cinema. As soon as it came, it created a different stir in the entertainment world. Now a different means of entertainment of the people has come, which was of large size. In earlier times cinema was not so developed and people did not like it much, but then with time it got a different look. Songs, music and acting in the big screen became a great means of entertainment for the people.

Start of TV, Doordarshan –

then the time changed wonders of science From this world came new means of progress. One thing came more than all these means, which is called television and the special running in it. Doordarhan, Doordarshan changed the way of entertainment and started entertaining every morning, evening, night. Doordarshan became very much liked by showing songs, music, news, movies, children’s programs and many health related programs.

At the same time, radio, Walkman (music with headphones), VCR and many other entertainment tools were invented and people started enjoying those things and started making themselves happy. The field of entertainment has always been on the way to progress, and from time to time it has been inventing new means.

modern entertainment

Today, there has been a lot of progress in the means of entertainment, there are entertainment items everywhere, which are easily available.

Today’s main means of entertainment (Manoranjan ke adhunik sadhan)-

  • Internet
  • smart phone
  • laptop
  • TV (HD TV)

Today entertainment is just a click away from us and that too. Whenever we want, wherever we want, we can bring the means of entertainment in front of us.

Internet is the biggest medium

In today’s time, the biggest means of entertainment is the Internet, all kinds of music, sports, news of the country and the world, history, things of knowledge and favorite places are available in the Internet. Social media through the Internet has revolutionized today’s entertainment world. Talking, messaging, chatting, sharing one’s own pictures with each other in mobile phones, there are many things, which have become a means of entertainment.

Lots of channels in Smart TV –

There are many channels available on TV in today’s time. Today, sitting in front of the TV, we get confused that what to see and what not to see? News, comedy, movies, children’s programs, women’s programs, all kinds of different channels are available, just at the press of a button, the entertainment you want comes to the fore.

Cinemas turned into multiplexes

Earlier, where only one movie was used at a time in a cinema hall for our entertainment, today many movies can be played simultaneously, which is called Multiplex Theatres. If there is more than one option, we can choose it according to our desire and entertainment.

It is meant to say that today there has been a lot of development in the means of entertainment and it is expected that in future there will be a lot of progress in this field and our entertainment will be a lot.

Life becomes dull without entertainment, there is no passion for work. It is very important to give rest to the mind to maintain new enthusiasm, thinking, it is necessary to keep the mind happy, and all this is possible only through entertainment. You should keep your mind entertained by taking some rest from work.

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