Bigg Boss 15 Contestant List

Bigg Boss 15 contestants, audition process, how to register, latest news, winner list [Bigg Boss 15 Contestant List] (Audition, Last Date, Release Date, Start Date, Contestant Name, Winner, Kab Aayega)

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular shows in every household. Which everyone likes to see. After the end of the 14th season of Bigg Boss, its fans were very disappointed, now this news is good news for them, because season 15 has started on the OTT platform, and from next month it will start airing on TV as well. . The biggest change of this show is that this season of Bigg Boss is going to be hosted by Karan Johar. Now you will get to see the complete list of which participants have become a part of this show in this article below.

bigg boss season 15

show namebigg boss 15
director producerendemol
start of the showAugust, 2021 (on OTT platform)
show launchSeptember, 2021 (on Colors TV)
season of the show15 seasons
hosted the showKaran Johar

what is the format of bigg boss show 15

The 15th season of the Bigg Boss show has started. Yes, Bigg Boss has started on the OTT platform from August 8, and will premiere on TV in September 2021. Till now it is being operated by Karan Johar. The show is airing on Voot and Disney Hotstar OTT platforms. This year the format of the show has changed a bit. For the first 6-7 weeks of this year, the contestants will be living in a specially designed house of Bigg Boss, which will be completely isolated from the outside world. At this time, as before, all the participants will have to do all the household chores like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house. In this too, they will be voted on by the public on a weekly basis. The participant who survives till the end will win a cash prize of Rs. Let this show tell you that there will be more shocking incidents than the last season. This year the show will be on air for 6 months, not 3 months.

Let us tell you that in every season of Bigg Boss, some twists and turns keep coming. Last season, Salman Khan announced in the finale that 10 celebrity couples and 5 commoners will come in the new season. Not only this, Bollywood couples will also be brought along with them. There can also be entry of such couples who have had a breakup. This year’s format will be kept very simple, and those things will be taken care of whose guidelines have been prepared by the government. You will have to watch this show to know which participants join this show going forward.

bigg boss 15 host (Host)

Many seasons of Bigg Boss will come, contestants will also come and go. But for the last 12 seasons, the host of this show has remained the same. And that is Salman Khan. But this time he is not going to be seen as a part of this show, such news is coming. This year the show will be hosted by Karan Johar, the owner and director of Dharma Productions. Let us tell you that earlier Amitabh Bachchan, Arshad Warsi, Farah Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Shilpa Shetty have hosted the season of this show. But Salman Khan has got the winning love from this show, hardly anyone would have got it. Even today there are many people who like to watch Bigg Boss only because of Salman Khan, due to which the TRP of the show is also doing well. But this time Karan Johar will be seen as the host in this show. Although the show has a lot of twists and turns, you may also see Salman Khan as the host in the later episodes.

bigg boss 15 audition process (Audition)

Like the previous seasons, if commoners participate in Bigg Boss 15, then they will have to give their audition first. For which you have to make a video and submit it. But you have to pay special attention to how you want to make the video. The information of which is as follows –

Keep these things in mind while making videos

As you all know, for the audition of Bigg Boss, you have to prepare a video. Only after uploading which you will be able to register for this show. For which you have to take care of some main steps, so that you can participate in the audition well.

  • Your video should be entertaining, because Bigg Boss is a fun and spicy show in itself, for which it is very important to be an entertainer.
  • If you want, you can do live recording for the audition, if you are not able to do so then you will have to go to their website and upload it.
  • You have to take special care that, whatever you are making the video, your face is clearly visible in it and you do not have to put any background sound in the video.
  • The video should be of 5 minutes as it will take a long time to upload a video longer than this.
  • Whatever video you make, keep in mind the size of its size, do not make a file of more than 50 MB. Because the bigger the size of the video, it will not be uploaded and then the problem will be with you.
  • Keep the audition video in mov or mp4 format only. Apart from this, if you make a video in any other format, then it will not be accepted.

So for the video made for the audition, keep these things in mind so that you do not face any problem in registration.

Bigg Boss 15 Release Date and Time

Bigg Boss 15 has been released on OTT platform from 8th August, and from next month i.e. September it will start airing on Colors TV as well. Like every season, this season will also start at its time limit from 10:30 to 11:30. You can watch this show anytime on voot and disney hotstar OTT platform.

bigg boss 15 contestant list (Bigg Boss 15 Contestant List)

The list of celebrity members whose names have surfaced this year is as follows –

Umar Riaz :-

A contestant who came in Bigg Boss 13 named Asim Riaz, his brother Umar Riaz is going to be seen in this year’s season of Bigg Boss. He will be seen playing this game in the same way as his brother had made his place in this game.

Karan Kundra :-

Karan Kundrra, the most popular person who has worked in Kaun Nahin Janta, Hindi television shows and Bollywood films, is going to be seen as a participant in Bigg Boss 15. He has also appeared as a judge on MTV’s Kai shows like Roadies, Love School etc. Recently he appeared in the most popular show which is aired on Star Plus channel named ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’.

Brilliant light :-

You must have seen him acting in various television shows. Tejasswi has appeared in the last season of the upcoming reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors channel. Their nature is very flirtatious. She will also be seen in this year’s Bigg Boss season. Now it has to be seen how she reveals her personality.

Shamita Shetty :-

Shamita Shetty is an Indian Bollywood actress, as well as an interior designer. She has been a part of the Bigg Boss reality show in 2009. She is the sister of a Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Shamita Shetty has revealed that choreographer Nishat Bhatt has crossed the line with her once. Let us tell you that Shamita Shetty appeared in the OTT show of Bigg Boss. And now she is going to be seen in season 15 of Bigg Boss.

Akshara Singh :-

Akshara Singh is the one who filed a police complaint against singer Pawan Singh for sending obscene messages to her. This controversy was in the news a lot. It is also going to be seen in this season of Bigg Boss. Akshara’s Insta ID is singhakshara.

Nishant Bhatt :-

Nishant Bhatt is a choreographer who has been a part of many dance reality shows. You can see them in the OTT house of Bigg Boss 15. His insta id is nishantbhat85.

Prateek Sahajpal :-

Pratik Sahajpal is a model and actor. Pratik has been a part of reality shows like Love School 3 and Ace of Space. They are also going to be a part of this show. Pratik has told that he has been in a relationship with TV actress and ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra Punia. Now he is saying that he has no ex, I have my own identity. Bigg Boss show is a game zone for me, I have not come here to make a relationship. His insta id is pratiksehajpal.

Jai Bhanushali :-

Famous TV actor and Bollywood actor Jai Bhanushali has entered this season of Bigg Boss. He is a very flirtatious person. He has been shown working as a host in many reality shows. He is married to Mahi Vijay. Who is a famous TV actress. Both of them participated in the reality show Nach Baliye as a participant and they were also winners in it. He can prove to be a strong participant of Bigg Boss 15.

Miesha Iyer :-

Miesha Iyer, who was seen in Splitvilla 12, will be seen in Bigg Boss 15. She is a very sweet and bold personality girl. Whose game play is very strong. It will be very interesting to see him as a participant in the show of Bigg Boss 15.

Afsana Khan :-

This is a Punjabi singer who sang the song ‘Titliyan Varga’ in the year 2020 which became very popular. He is going to be seen in the 15th season of Bigg Boss. Let us tell you that according to a report, it is said that Afsana also gets panic attacks. She is also a playback singer, songwriter and actress. He participated in season 3 of Voice of Punjabi. She will be seen in an entertaining character in Bigg Boss.

Sahil Shroff :-

You must have seen him as a side actor in Shahrukh Khan’s film Don 2. Her style and fashion sense is excellent. He has also been seen in many films. He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology from Australia. In Bigg Boss 15, he can be seen in a most handsome personality. Which people may like a lot.

Donal Bist :-

Donal is going to be seen as a very beautiful contestant in the Bigg Boss 15 show. Who has millions of fans. You must have seen him acting in many TV shows. She has done double role in Ek Deewana Tha serial. She is doing less in web shows these days. Due to some of their disputes, they were seen in a lot of headlines some time back. It is said that he does not have a good relationship with his co-star Shashank Vyas. Due to which many fights take place between them. It will be a matter to be seen as to what Donal creates in Bigg Boss 15.

Simba Nagpal :-

Simba Nagpal, who has appeared in Splitvilla and TV shows, is going to be a participant of Bigg Boss 15 this year. They are seen in a lot of headlines due to their nature. She started her career as a model, after that she did many advertisements. He has also been a part of shows like MTV’s shows Roadies, Splitvilla etc. You will see Simmba as a strong participant in this season of Bigg Boss.

Ishaan Sehgal :-

Let us tell you that apart from this actress Tina Dutt, Reem Sheikh, Nidhi Bhanushali And Vidhi Pandya This show can also be seen. In this show, which contestants enter Bigg Boss house now and which ones later, you can find out by watching this show. Currently, all these people are going to be seen as a participant in this show.

Bigg Boss 15 Rules and Features

  1. Bigg Boss 15 show has been released on the OTT platform, which was premiered on 8th August on the voot OTT platform.
  2. You will see Karan Johar in place of Salman Khan while hosting this season of Bigg Boss.
  3. Viewers can stay with this show for 24 hours on the OTT platform.
  4. The audience is going to have a lot of fun in this season because according to the promo of the show, it has already been told that this time the commoners will get uncommon manpower.
  5. In this season of Bigg Boss, the family will not be punished by Bigg Boss but by the audience.
  6. The way Bigg Boss keeps an eye on the housemates for 24 hours, in the same way now the audience can keep an eye on them for 24 hours. And accordingly they can also give punishment.

Bigg Boss is a show that everyone loves to watch. Everyone likes the fight or the task in it. That’s why every year the fans of Bigg Boss wait for a new season so that they get to see better and funnier shows. The contestants who came in the show also fill life in the show by showing their different avatars. The funniest thing about this show is that Weekend Ka Vaar, which everyone likes to watch, the class of the contestants on that day. People enjoy seeing him a lot. If you don’t enjoy it too, then your wait is over now, this year’s season has started. Pick up your phone and watch your favorite show.


Q: How to prepare video for audition?

Ans: You have to create video entertainment so that you can get selected in the audition.

Q: Who will host the show this time?

Ans: This time Karan Johar is going to host the show.

Q: Where to apply for audition?

Ans: You can use the Voot app for this and register yourself for the auditions.

Q: When will Bigg Boss 15 start?

Ans: It has started on the OTT platform from August 8 and on TV it will start in September.

Q: Who will participate in Bigg Boss 15?

Ans: Both celebrities and commoners.

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